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Khao's Beatology 101 - Episode 2

Super Producer Khao instructions on how to make a hot beat from start to finish
(edited/directed by Yamil Little)


Khao's Beatology 101 - Episode 1

Super Producer Khao creating a hot beat from start to finish (edited/directed by Yamil Little)


2chainz "cowboy" beat-making video Making of the 2chainz "cowboy" beat off of 2chainz latest mixtape "codeine cowboy". Beat produced by @suthernfolk

Suthern Folk

M-Phazes - Another Classic (Making The Beat Tutorial)

Phazed Out - Orignal Tracks & M-Phazes Remixes:

Buy Phazed Out NOW - or

Watch M-Phazes take you step by step through the production process of his remix of "Another Classic ft. Burke, Torae, Side Effect & DJ Waxworx). M-Phazes talks about sampling, his drums, filtering, sidechaining and gives insight into his production methodology!


Cardiak and Tdot iLLdude in the studio -01:25:2011

Cardiak making a beat. Short interview at the end.


Havoc (Mobb Deep) Makes a beat

Havoc (of Mobb Deep) Makes a beat on the Akai MPC 4000. (From Smack DVD)


The Making of "UH!" (produced by Focus...)

Newest single of the free-D coming soon entitled
"Music of the Misinterpreted"



The Alchemist - The Chemistry Files DVD: Part 2

My favorite part of The Chemistry Files DVD. A few beat snippets are played, Alchemist zones to a French sample and loads it on his ASR, and a Prodigy track is played.


aiSHO aka aiSHOlutions - In The Making VOL 1

Mi primer video de beatmaking. Perdonad la calidad del audio/video, los proximos iran mejorando jaja
Para más información visita mi web oficial:
El primer blog dedicado integramente al beatmaking en español

My first beatmaking video. Excuse the audio/video quality, the next ones will be get better lol
Visit my official website:
The first beatmaking blog in spanish.


Noodles Making A Hard Dark Creepy hip-hop {rap} Instrumental Prt 2

Every 50th Sub to my new channel will get a free beat go here to hear part 1 Heres Prt 2/2 To the beat named "Shadowed Eyes" The full version will be uploaded soon! This beat is a dark creepy hip-hop beat perfect for a hardcore rap song. If you need beats hit me up on skype, aim, yahoo, or ustream - more beats at and follow me on twitter @redhooknoodles more beats coming soon!

Redhooknoodles Beats