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Why Looks Matter in The Rap Industry | Zaytoven

Producer Zaytoven Talks why looks matter so much in the rap industry. He gives advice to rappers and producers telling them to invest in personal appearance. Zay says that most rappers wont give you a chance if you dress bummy or lack personal hygiene. He says keeping up on his look and investing in designer clothes and jewelry has played a role in his success.


Working with Lex Luger, fighting for Lil Uzi Vert Money (Xay Scott pt 1)

Xay Scott explains how he linked up with Lex Luger, how he had to fight for his publishing rights on Lil Uzi Vert's 7 AM, and more in this exclusive interview for Beatstars.com

DJ Pain 1

DJ Pain 1, Industry vs Internet, Get Advances For Beats | Producer Lifestyle Podcast Ep3:

In episode 3 we sit down with DJ Pain 1 a dope producer who has worked with Young Jeezy, 2Chainz, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Public Enemy, 50 Cent & many more. We talk about if being an internet producer hurts your industry image and we also talk about getting advances on your publishing when selling beats. DJ Pain 1 is producer that puts out a lot of advice & resources for producers follow him @Djpain1
2:28: Catalog
3:50: Beginnings in Online Beat Market
6:00: Beat Pricing/Placements
12:04: Collaborating
14:00: Advances/Publishing
19:00: Beat Cookup/Content Creation

DJ Pain 1

RedDrumBeatz, Making $50k Selling Beats, Using Ads to Boost Sales | Producer Lifestyle Podcast Ep2:

In this episode we sit down and talk business with RedDrumBeatz an online producer who went from working an ordinary job to getting flown out to Memphis to work with Young Dolph and the Paper Route Empire. We talk about using advertising platforms like YouTube, Facebook & Google to boost online sales. We also talk about how Soundclick is not a dead market, RedDrum managed to pull in a nice check from them in 2016. I also ask RedDrum if he saw a boost in sales after getting placements.
- Producing For Young Dolph, Famous Dex, YG
- Quitting Job on a Leap of Faith

Red Drum on Da Beat

"How Do You Work with a Director?" | Ask Me Anything

Another great question - keep sending me your questions on social media!

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Junkie XL

Making $100k Selling Beats, Youtube Strategy | Producer Lifestyle Podcast EP 4 feat. @KingDrumDummie

In this episode we talk with Internet producer @Kingdrumdummie about making $100,000 in 2016 from selling beats. He talks a lot about how youtube strategy and properly naming beats has been a major key in him doing so well with sales. He also talks about how he just started using youtube ads a few months ago and how that has effected his views and sales. Very dope and informational episode.

- Youtube Ads For Selling Beats
- Recording For Money When You Don't Like To Do It
- Marketing Techniques For Beat Makers
- Using Instagram Live For Selling Beats On The Spot


Should You Sell Beats on Youtube? Ric and Thadeus Pt.1

Can you make hit records by selling beats on Youtube? What's the best way to sell beats on Youtube? Ric and Thadeus talk their number 1 song, beat thieves and uploading their best beats.

DJ Pain 1

Producer T-Minus Addresses Retirement Rumors | Behind The Scenes

Back in 2013, rumors started to fly that Toronto-based producer T-Minus retired from the music industry. He’d spent the last few years behind the boards on hits like Drake’s “The Motto” and “HYFR” (He produced five tracks on Take Care), DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One,” Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pool,” and more. In a new interview with Genius, he explains why he took a break for a few years.

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Producer Lifestyle Podcast Ep8: @BlackMetaphor, Making Rick Ross Album, Finding Dope Samples & More

In this episode we sit down with Black Metaphor, the producer of Rick Ross's "Idols Become Rivals" aka the Birdman Diss. We talked about how Black digs for samples as well as how he started getting beats to major artists like Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, The Game, French Montana & More.
(Prod by Black Metaphor)

Black Metaphor