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Creating a Brand - Episode 4

In this episode Gabe Schillinger talks about the importance of building a brand for your business and what steps need to be taken in order to accomplish a successful strategy.

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Forming The Right Team - Episode 3

On this episode you will learn the ins and outs of production and the importance of building the right team around you.

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how to make Tidal better for fans/indie artist

ust my suggests to help tidal get more consumers and help open the platform for indie artist. Let me know what you think and comment

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DJ Ave McRee

How to get your beats to major artists.

4 of my main tips on how to connect with artists.

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I'm broke because of the music industry (part 2)

More on my negative royalty balance. Also, if anybody is confused by my joking, I do not owe Def Jam any money. A negative royalty balance doesn't mean a producer owes money, it just means that until the balance, by way of sales, becomes positive, that producer will not receive royalty checks.

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