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Behind The Scenes: Creating A Beat Pack (UNION Beat Pack Video 5)

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Wow. I didn’t expect this to happen.

Remember how I told you in the last video that the Early-Access Waitlist for my upcoming "UNION" Beat Pack might blow out of proportion?

Well, since shooting that video the waitlist has grown from 1,123 people to 6,492 people who are lined up for the beat package…

Also Gabe from Legion Beats just sent an email to his entire list of 110,000 artists. So I’m expecting that to grow even more

Anno Domini Nation

Blame Producers for Music All Sounding The Same + Instagram Algorithm Hacks for 2019 -MEC Podcast 22

Are producers making the same beats over and over? Is this why music all sounds the same? We respond to Atlantic A&R Riggs Morales' statements. Also, is Instagram's new algorithm shutting down your reach? How do you hack the Instagram Algorithm in 2019?

DJ Pain 1

The Problem With Uploading Beats to YouTube: How I Deal With Copyright Claims

When I upload beats to YouTube, I get copyright claims, which means another person is taking my content ID money. This is how I deal with them AND how I learned to track my beat leases and actually get paid when a rapper steals my beats.

DJ Pain 1

Nick Mira and Taz Taylor React To New Rap Hits (NLE Choppa, Ashnikko, YNW BSlime) | The Cosign

Internet Money’s Nick Mira and Taz Taylor are the beatmakers behind some of today’s biggest rap hits. The duo boasts production credits with several rap newcomers like Lil Tecca, Juice WRLD, and Lil Skies, who’ve made the leap from SoundCloud stardom to mainstream fame. Mira and Taylor brought their expertise to Genius to review new songs from rap’s rising stars and decide who deserved their cosign.

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Taz Taylor

Beatstars Contracts Exposed: Publishing, Lease vs Exclusive Rights, More!

Why do Beatstars contracts give producers a writer's share when producers don't write songs? Why buy unlimited lease vs exclusive rights when you can't profit from non-exclusive leases? These two questions are full of false information. Watch this video to clear up the confusion about beat leasing contracts and arm yourself with knowledge.

#beatstars #sellingbeatsonline #beatselling

DJ Pain 1

10 Things Murda Beatz Can't Live Without | GQ

There are a few thing Murda Beatz can't live without when he hits the road. From his Goyard wallet to his portable Xbox, these are Murda Beatz travel essentials.

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Murda Beatz

How I Built Multiple Income Streams | How I Make Money

Building multiple streams of income is the fastest way of not only becoming financially secure, but is the most sure fire way to grow wealth long term. Having multiple income streams isn't as hard as it sounds either. In this video I break down how I make money and how you can utilize the same opportunities to multiply your monthly income.

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Adam Ivy

Illmind making a beat LIVE (drums, loops, etc) in PROTOOLS

Another day. Another beat. Let me know what artist you want to hear on this.

I make all my beats in PROTOOLS.

I use Battery 3 for my drums.

My process is super simple and straight forward.

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How To Be: Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson is the music producer who redefined popular music; from his Grammy-award-winning collaborations with Amy Winehouse and Bruno Mars, to his recent work on the Oscar-winning film A Star Is Born. This documentary follows Mark’s creative process, from the studio to DJ’ing and shooting film; with exclusive insights from the man himself. This is combined with archive footage alongside new interviews with the artists and collaborators that Mark has worked with, including Q-Tip, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

Mark Ronson