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How To Deal With Haters And Negavity As A Music Creator

Negativity is something we all have to go through as music creators. Whether it be from friends, family members, or complete strangers. #howtodealwithhaters is something that we learn as we go and #dealingwithnegativity the right way will help you stay focused and gain traction. In this video I address some of the biggest issues that most of us struggle with and how to handle the hate as it comes in.

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Exclusive First Look: T-Pain's School of Business

EPISODE 1: “THE REMIX.” T-Pain’s School of Business is in session! Beloved hip hop artist, comedic personality, and business mogul T-Pain hits the road to meet the entrepreneurs who are defining the future. In this session, T-Pain eats noodles from the world’s first healthy instant ramen company, tastes wine from an unconventional winemaker and creates a new song with the musical instrument of the future. Quirky dreamers and passionate doers meet their biggest cheerleader, T-Pain.

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My secret to becoming a successful MUSIC CREATOR | Illmind RANT

I decided to rant for an hour (no edits) about what I did to become successful as a music producer starting with literally NOTHING. How I managed to build a buzz and start to create a name for myself and create demand for my music. It’s deep. It starts with self awareness and creating opportunities for yourself to maximize exposure. None of it is predictable to a 100% degree. Why I only choose to work with rappers I like, but had to sacrifice working with the ones I didn’t.


4 Websites For Video Game Samples

A video about 4 different websites that contain video game samples like OST's and sound effects. Keep in mind these sample aren't royalty free but you can download them for free! So make sure you credit the original composers. I personally buy physical copies of all my video game sound tracks to support the composers. Download and remix at your own risk!

Here are the websites

I have a royalty free video game sample pack

DJ Ave McRee

Podcast: Let's Talk About The AKAI FL Studio FIRE

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/avemcree1Podcast talking about FL Studio FIRE a MIDI controller made by AKAI. It's a controller dedicated for FL Studio users!

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Bandzoogle VS BeatStars | Which is Better For Music Producers?

A video about which is the better online beat store for producers (Bandzoogle vs Beatstars). I talk about both companies advantages and disadvantages. I'm a member of both communities but they could learn a lot from each other. Neither platform is perfect!

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The Real Truth About The XO Tour Llif3 Beat | JW Lucas is A LIAR | Proof

This video is about the real truth about the "XO Tour Llif3" beat! JW Lucas is lying on TM88 after he gave him credit and publishing. JW is calling himself "making a community" of producers. He's really trying to hustle people out of their royalities and even end peoples careers. He's threaten my life on multiple occasions because I know the whole truth. He steals people music, ideas, etc and takes full credit! The Producer Grind interview is just a taste of his manipulative ways! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

The receipts (the proof)
All the sources used in this video

DJ Ave McRee

Don't Steal Beats or This Will Happen - How to Protect Your Beats from Being Stolen

Rappers and Producers must watch this: Stealing beats can lead to serious consequences, and here's proof. If your beats or songs get stolen, you have rights and you can fight back. There's nothing stopping a thief, but the more we respect each other and ourselves, the more we all succeed.

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The Official S1 Assembly Teaser

This is just a teaser for The S1 Assembly!

2X Grammy Winning Producer Symbolyc One “S1” presents The S1 Assembly.

S1 and his team have put together an awesome event for S1 to share valuable career/life practices, industry insights, and music tips based on his experience.

Slots are limited to 25-30 aspiring (Producers, Songwriter, Engineers, Managers and Recording Artist)