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Waves Ovox VST Synth FX! F*** Up Vocals

A video review about Wave Audio's new harmonizer vst/au plugin called "Ovox". This effect can really F*** up some vocals (in a good way). It's great for sound design and song structure. I go thru some of the presets, features, and options. I use it on a song written and performed by Alamar called "Guard Your Soul" (out now on all major streaming platforms!). Tell me how you feel about this plugin? Please leave a comment below!

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Akai MPC One is....Let's Talk about it

A video about the newly announced AKAI MPC One. The MPC One is an all-in-one music production center that comes with plugins and sounds. It's biggest selling point is the $700 price tag. However many of the current MPC Live/X/Force owners are concerned about their units being supported down the line! How do you feel about the MPC One? Leave a comment below!

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Happy New Year!

Wanted to do a quick video on my Favorite #digitalaudioworkstations for #ios in 2020! My focus is making things simpler and more minimal this year. These are my favorites...

Cubasis 3: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cubasis...

AUM: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/aum-aud...

GarageBand: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/garageb...

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SpaceCraft | StarLight VST Expansion

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How To Build A Dream Home Studio | Episode 2

Over the past few months I've been building my dream home studio which has had it's fair share of set backs and learning experiences. In episode two I wanted to show the progress that's been made since the first episode and give you some home studio ideas while figuring out my own home studio design as it all comes together piece by piece.

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Korg Wavestate is THE Omnisphere 2 of Hardware Synths

A video about Korg's new wave sequencing hardware synth called the "Wavestate". It's a relaunch of their older flagship Wavestation keyboard/rack. It's like having Omnisphere 2 but in hardware form! It's has over 6 gb waveforms and 4 layers (just like Omnisphere or ElectraX!)! Over 1000 wave sequences and a world class arpeggio section! What do you think about this new announcement? Please leave a comment below!

read more about it here

hear it in action here

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Korg Triton VST vs Refx Nexus 3! Which is Better??

A video comparison of Korg Triton versus Refx Nexus 3 VST plugin? Which is the better rompler synth? The Korg Triton VST comes with 4000 presets (including all of the expansion minus the moss board). Nexus 3 comes with 3,500 stock presets (with a mix of some of the one you can get from the expansion that cost $50 each). I weigh in on the features that seperate each other. Which is your favorite? Please leave a comment below!

get refx Nexus 3 here

get the Korg Triton plugin here

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Yamaha HPH-MT7! NS-10s of Mixing Headphones are...

A video review about the Yamaha HPH-MT7 mixing headphones. Yamaha quotes it's the NS-10s of headphones which are the legendary studio monitors found in every pro studio! I run several test like mixing and playing video games. I will compare these to my other headphones in a another video. The base specs are pretty decent with a frequency response of 25Khz (25,000hz), impedance of 49 Ohms, and 40mm drivers. What are your favorite headphones? Please leave a comment below!

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Producersdiary 36 - Subdivine VST from Diginoiz

Get Subdivine: http://www.diginoiz.com
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Welcome to Producersdiary 36. Something more about Subdivine, the first VST instrument from Diginoiz perfect for all kind of genres that need deep and fat bass / 808 sounds. All bass/808 sounds in the video were created using Subdivine Vst. You can get the plugin at www.diginoiz.com and I can swear that you will love it!

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