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Ableton Live Producer Tries Reason 11 Rack Friktion Plugin

A video about my first time using Propellerhead Reason 11 as a VST plugin. I'm checking out the Friktion modeled strings rack which is a physical modeling synth (a type of synthesis that emulates a specific object). It doesn't come with a ton of presets (which I think is a con) but the pro is the quality! So I guess the old saying "quality over quantity" applies here. What really threw me off was the overall workflow of the Reason 11 rack VST plugin. It's pretty strong for sound design and patch layering! What do you think about it? Please leave a comment below!

DJ Ave McRee

Free Download Tuesday?! Pendulate Chaotic Synth VST Plugin

A free download Friday video (on a Tuesday) about Eventide's company Newfangled Audio Pendulate Choatic mono synth VST/AU plugin. Since it's a monosynth you can't play multiple keys. It works on both Windows & MacOSX (VST2 & VST3 format). It's a pretty cool take on modern day synthesis! Let me know how you feel in the comments!

get it here

0:00 intro
0:54 demo track
2:04 overview, features, & preset tour
8:43 final thoughts

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DJ Ave McRee

How To Steal Sounds! iZotope RX8 Sampling tips

An overview video on iZotope's RX8 audio editor suite! It's great for stealing sounds, samples, drums, and creating acapellas! I've owned RX7 for the past year and a half but never did a video. Why you ask? Well, would you tell everyone about a strong tool that gives you a huge advantage? RX8 brings a lot of new feature like music re-balancing with stems, spectral recovery, and guitar de-noise. I actually use de-hum on this video to get rid audio cable humming. Which brings up a good point. Sometimes, as a content creator. You have to meet "deadlines" and can't record a clip again.

DJ Ave McRee

STANK FACE DrumKit | 2020 Producer DrumKit

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Superstar O

Empress Effects Zoia Pedal! A Hiphop Producer Review

A video review of the Empress Effects Zoia guitar pedal from a hiphop producer prospective. Guitar pedals are a great way to process sound from hardware synths. The Zoia happens to be a multi-effect digital pedal that can be a synth too! At the price of $500 I think it's a good deal. It's a jack of all trades but the master of none. Why do I say that? Well, honestly, it doesn't shine in the overall package it offers. Some of the features (including effects routing) are simply difficult to understand. If you're a die hardcore synth nerd like me.

DJ Ave McRee


Here’s the list of my favorite iPad Pro accessories under $100! A great list for those going back to school and #virtuallearning

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Other Accessories:

Spudz Microfiber Cloth: https://amzn.to/2FT9lbB

Tha Bizness

My Top 10 Best MPC Expansions for MPC Beats

A quick top 10 video about my favorite MPC expansions that I own. MPC expansions expand the palette of sound used inside of the software and hardware. There are 2 types of expansions. The first type is a drum expansion (filled with drum programs) and the other is an instrument expansion (filled with instrument keygroup programs). Sometimes, the expansion will have both (but it's rare).

(use the code: MPCSAVE to get 50% off for a limited time)

0:00 intro
0:56 F9 expansion
1:44 Decap Drums That Knock
1:56 ADSR Urban Instruments

DJ Ave McRee

10 Free Synths VST's For FL Studio | Free Synths VST's

10 Free Synths VST's For FL Studio | Free Synths VST's

In this video, I will be showing you 10 FREE Synths VST's that you can use in your Windows and Mac (some) DAW's. These sounds are good to render into audio and then flip the samples! Plug another producer/beatmaker in the comments so that they can download as well!

1. Alieno - https://vst4free.com/plugin/329/
2. Fortune Cookies - https://myvst.com/vst-instruments/syn...
3. Ice Cream - http://www.vstplanet.com/News/11/ICEC...
4. LazySnake - https://vst4free.com/plugin/271/
5. NightLife - https://acoustica.com/mixcraft/extras...

C-Ram Beats

MPC Beats - Best Audio Settings for Sampling! Looper Tips

A video about the best audio setting for sampling directly into AKAI's free software called "MPC Beats". I'll show you how to set it up, vinyl sampling, and how to use the audio looper for live instruments! This is the best free DAW for creating sample packs or sampling in general! Let me know of other topics you want me to cover in the future. Leave a comment below!

download the MPC Beats software for free!

How to use MPC Beats software in standalone & how to install it

get the new AKAI MPK Mini MK3 here

DJ Ave McRee

Divine Mixing - Vocal Chains SR Presets for Waves StudioRack (Demo)

Vocal Chains SR is an exclusive collection of advanced vocal presets, utilizing powerful features in the redesigned Waves StudioRack plugin chainer. The 25 innovative new vocal chains introduce zero latency monitoring for live tracking, easy-to-use parallel processing (no routing required), 8 "intelligent" macro controls for endless customization and inspirational creative vocal effects.

Download: https://bit.ly/vocal-chains-sr

Outside by James Garliamah (Prod. by Nak and Mario Abrams) - https://spoti.fi/3ayEH2B
Konami Code by Mike Reznik - https://spoti.fi/3azumTW

Sean Divine