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808 Massacre V2 - Kontakt Library


808 Massacre V2 - Following the massive success of 808 Massacre V1 this kit brings you another 50 of the hardiest 808s you would of ever heard but this time we are bringing you 808s with (Screams. Filters, Gun Shots and more)

J Beatz

My New Home Studio & How To Get Paid for Your Music!

So I finally found some time to shoot a new video giving you a preview of my new home studio set up. I also wanted to discuss getting your music distributed and how you can increase your online income.

I talk about a company I discovered called JTV Digital and some of the awesome services they offer. You can check them out at: http://jtvdigital.com

Also a special thanks to Tropical Geek for the super cool t-shirt they sent me. Check out their stuff at: http://tropicalgeek.com

New Full Length studio tour video coming soon!

Follow me and hit me up:

Adam Ivy

Studio Tour 2015 SuperStar O

Showing Some Of The New Studio Gear For 2015 + Just Kicking It Talking & Such.

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Thank You All

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(All Music / Instrumentals Produced By Me SuperStar O)

Superstar O

Hip Hop Bass VST Plugin

Hip Hop Bass VST Plugin Bangin Bass 2 the best of all the urban bass sounds vsts full of authentic hiphop sounds. Purchase from http://www.musicweapons.com today for urban production.
Hip Hop Bass VST Plugin

Anno Domini Nation

Bryan-Michael Cox - Making hits with iMASCHINE and MASCHINE STUDIO

Star producer Bryan-Michael Cox shows how he creates hits - from initial idea on iMASCHINE to polished production in MASCHINE STUDIO. More: http://www.native-instruments.com/maschine

Bryan-Michael Cox has produced tracks for chart-topping artists such as Usher, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez. The sketch for Tamar Braxton's hit single 'Pieces' was created in iMASCHINE, then exported to MASCHINE STUDIO for the detailed production. The best of both worlds - total inspiration on the move, and total control in the studio.

Bryan Michael Cox

Studio Tour - How To Build A Home Studio

Studio Tour - How To Build A Home Studio

In this video I explain how I turned a normal spare bedroom into a professional grade home recording studio and creative space. I give a detailed run down of all the equipment I use and why I use it.

To try to keep the video short I could only give a brief overview of my studio, but I have written up a complete overview of my home studio including technical specs and links to each item. You can see the entire write up here: http://myinstrumentals.com/studio-tour-how-to-build-a-home-studio/


Adam Ivy

Maschine Workshop w/ Native Instruments & Ski Beatz (Sam Ash NYC)

Published on Jun 10, 2014
Grammy nominated Maschine artist, record producer, and beat-maker, Ski Beatz, demos the Maschine Studio at Sam Ash Music Store in New York City. Ski Beatz shows how easy beat-making can be with Maschine, Komplete as well as chopping up Samples on Maschine and host a Q&A session at Sam Ash Music Store with the audience.

Ski Beatz