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DJ Khalil Reason 4 Demo Part 2/2

Khalil talks about using reason.

DJ Khalil

Inside J.R. Rotem's Studio! EXCLUSIVE!!!

Work hard and you can have this... LOL. I was bored and was in a studio session next door (Studio A) with T-Pain and Tay Dizm. Everyone knows that having a camera in a session with celebs is a no-no. SO, since I couldn't use my cam in the T-Pain session, I wandered off into J.R. Rotem's studio like 5 minutes after he left! HAHAHA!

JR Rotem

Dallas Austin Introduces the Beat Thang

Dallas Austin and the Beat Thang.

Dallas Austin

In The Lab With SuperStar O Part2

SuperStar O talks about his equipment.

Superstar O

Cy Fyre Gives A Tour of Fyre Factory Recording Studios Houston,TX

Cy Fyre Gives A Tour of Fyre Factory Recording Studios Houston,TX.

Cy Fyre

Beatpreview + a small look at my Homestudio

Whats good everyone,

I was a little bored & decided to test the Camera at my Smartphone.

You can take a look at my current setup & you get to hear a new Beat I just made.

Listen to the full Beat on my Website.


Pablo Beats

Ariel Borujow: Secrets of a Record Engineer 3/3

Ariel Borujow checks in with KevinNottingham.com with a tour of Stadium Red Studios.

Ariel Borujow

Ariel Borujow Interview - T-RackS 3, CSR

IK Multimedia interviews Ariel Borujow at Stadiumred Studios in Harlem, NY. Ariel has worked with music's heavy hitters such as Puffy, T.I. , 8Ball and MJG, The Black Eye Peas, J-Lo, Faith Evans, Just Blaze, Kanye West, and many more. Here he talks about how he uses T-RackS 3, and why he's got CSR on his template that opens up every time he turns on Pro Tools.

Ariel Borujow

DJ Muggs' Studio

KTV visited DJ Muggs from Soul Assassins at his huge studio in LA. We've never seen more music equipment- or gold records- in one place, it's no wonder he calls it a compound... and secures it accordingly.

Dj Muggs