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Dynamic Producer x Hi-Tek at Teklab Studios

Hi-Tek gives Dynamic Producer a tour of Teklab Studios while also giving advice to up & coming music producers!


Introducing Pro Tools? 10 and Pro Tools? HDX - a gigantic leap in sound and speed

Learn more: http://goo.gl/ISlaC Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started in audio recording, you want to create the best sounding mixes possible, quickly and easily. With industry-leading Pro Tools software and systems, you can do just that and more.

Noah "40" Shebib

Fredwreck producer - Talk Box Impro - West Coast Theory

Fredwreck producer in his homestudio. Talk about *Roger Troutman and the talk box and make an impro with. Extract from hip hop documentary "West Coast Theory".
*of Roger and Zapp, the same who make the voice with the talk box in the song "California Love".


DJ Khalil Reason 4 Demo Part 2/2

Khalil talks about using reason.

DJ Khalil

Inside J.R. Rotem's Studio! EXCLUSIVE!!!

Work hard and you can have this... LOL. I was bored and was in a studio session next door (Studio A) with T-Pain and Tay Dizm. Everyone knows that having a camera in a session with celebs is a no-no. SO, since I couldn't use my cam in the T-Pain session, I wandered off into J.R. Rotem's studio like 5 minutes after he left! HAHAHA!

JR Rotem

Dallas Austin Introduces the Beat Thang

Dallas Austin and the Beat Thang.

Dallas Austin

In The Lab With SuperStar O Part2

SuperStar O talks about his equipment.

Superstar O

Cy Fyre Gives A Tour of Fyre Factory Recording Studios Houston,TX

Cy Fyre Gives A Tour of Fyre Factory Recording Studios Houston,TX.

Cy Fyre

Beatpreview + a small look at my Homestudio

Whats good everyone,

I was a little bored & decided to test the Camera at my Smartphone.

You can take a look at my current setup & you get to hear a new Beat I just made.

Listen to the full Beat on my Website.


Pablo Beats