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KENNY BEATS & THUNDERCAT FREESTYLE | The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 8

Today on The Cave we’re joined by Thundercat, legendary musician and cat lover. Upon entrance, he immediately downs three cans of Yerba, which according to the FDA, would incapacitate almost any medium-sized horse. In spite of heart palpitations, music magic is still made. Our guest brings out his legendary bass guitar and plays along to one of the most frenetic, psychotic instrumentals ever made, using his patent-pending gang sign finger techniques. It’s a wild ride, and Kenny does his best to keep things grounded. But by the time we get into the booth, all bets are off.

Kenny Beats

KENNY BEATS & SADA BABY FREESTYLE | The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 7

This week on The Cave we’re joined by Detroit icon and best rapper alive, Sada Baby. Unanimously beloved at DOTS, we couldn’t be more appreciative of his appearance on this humble YouTube show. His dance moves are unparalleled in music history, his father-son Nickelback cover duets are enchanting, but today we honor his ability to out-rap everyone else. Kenny cooks up “some heavy 808 type shit” as requested in a matter of minutes, and Sada casually enters the booth.

Kenny Beats

KENNY BEATS & TEEJAYx6 FREESTYLE | The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 5

This week on The Cave, we are joined by Detroit native TeeJayx6. He’s been called many things. Forbes named him “The Frank Abagnale of the SoundCloud generation.” The New Yorker referred to him as “The John Nash of pin numbers.” WIRED crowned him “The Bitcoin Bully.” What he’s done for the scamming community cannot be overstated. His painstakingly thorough yet accessible instructional scamming walk-throughs have democratized the art of credit card fraud, allowing anyone with an internet connection to participate in what has historically been an elitist meritocracy.

Kenny Beats

KENNY BEATS & SLOWTHAI FREESTYLE | The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 3

Welcome back to The Cave, where today we are joined by our first guest from across the pond, U.K. legend slowthai. His vibe of choice: a combination of strippers, Scarface, and pasta. Kenny expertly constructs a Nando’s PERi-PERi sauce infused instrumental while slowthai initiates his transcendental, inner-truth-seeking creative process. After a series of advanced meditative techniques, including the ancient Taoist practice known in some rare traditional circles as the “outdoor cigarette and slow kick,” thai was ready to face the booth.

Kenny Beats

Take A Look Into Timbaland's Production Process | Cooking Up With Timbaland

Mega producer Timbaland takes us through his production process for season 2 of Cooking Up With Timbaland

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THE MAKING OF NETFLIX AND DEAL | 03 Greedo + Kenny Beats

A Documentary on the making of 03 Greedo and Kenny Beats’ “Netflix & Deal”. Following the project’s conception in February 2018 to it’s completion in August 2019, we are able to take a glance at Greedo and Kenny’s recording process as well as the space they both were in at that point in their lives and careers. A testament to Greedo’s artistry and legend, he wanted to make the best and most music he could before turning himself in on June 28, 2018. This is a story that means the world to us.

Directed by Dom Glover
Creative Directed + Edited by Aris Chatman
Produced by Mike Power

Kenny Beats

Studio Time: Uncut [Premiere]—Terminator: Dark Fate (Part 1)

For the first time ever, I'm going to show you guys what it's like to be on the scoring stage, completely uncut for a fly on the wall POV while I record orchestral sections for my scores. First up is Terminator. Enjoy!

SCORE AVAILABLE NOW ► https://smarturl.it/TerminatorDarkFate



Junkie XL

KENNY BEATS & 6LACK FREESTYLE | The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 2

This week on The Cave we welcome Atlanta’s 6lack. He’s here not to sing but to rap, bringing capital B Bars to our humble show. Kenny cooks up a New York style, getting money on the block in Brooklyn type beat, inspired by thumbing through all the fake hundreds that have accumulated in the studio. We learn about 6lack’s process, that he hasn’t physically written his music since 2010. We learn about his history with battle rap, and his transition to singing. We learn that with enough time and personal, private effort, anyone could become a vocalist.

Kenny Beats

KENNY BEATS & DANNY BROWN | The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 1

Welcome back to The Cave. The show where rappers make raps and Kenny Beats makes beats. At the end of each episode, we get a completely original track made from scratch. Last season generated some unforgettable performances, revealed some rare studio moments, and even birthed a handful of memes. This time around we hope to deliver some of the same elements that people have come to know and love about this show in its still nascent form, but we also hope to somehow, incomprehensibly, come even harder.

Kenny Beats


So many people asked to see more of my creative process in the studio... well here you go . Here’s #5tips I’ve learned to become a more valuable #musicproducer in today’s climate! S/O to all those I was able to collaborate with in this video: @steadystate @now_den @kap_iengineer @childishmajor @beatsbyjblack @willgittens @producedbyjr @mistervirtuoso @herothaproducer @iampeaceandlove @ojmilesmusic @randy_samba ... Appreciate all the vibes and good energy NEW VIDEO UP .. LINK IN BIO .. #givingback #songwriter #filmmaker #composer #ios #lumafusion #blocswave #beatmaker3 #securethevibe

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