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How To Upload Longer Videos To Instagram | More Than 60 Seconds

I was asked how to post videos on Instagram longer than 60 seconds so I decided to make a quick video to answer that as well as share a few more advanced video marketing techniques. I personally use these Instagram strategies to grow organic engagement and get more followers on Instagram. These strategies will help you grow your Instagram account as well.

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Adam Ivy

Best Way To Make Arpeggio[Arps] Patterns FL Studio 20.1

A video about the best way to make arpeggio patterns out of chords in FL Studio. Using the Alt + A shortcut is better because you can edit the Arps afterwards. This is great for 808's and hi-hats too! You do this in all version of FL Studio 12.3 or higher.

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Future X Tay Keith | Temptation | C# Minor Trap Scales(The Wizrd)

This is a music theory video about Future's song "Temptation" produced by Tay Keith. He used the C# (sharp) minor scale which involves these 7 keys (C#, D#, E, F#, G#, A, and B). There are seven keys in a scale. There are a total of 4 sharps in this scale. You can merge this scale with a harmonic or melodic minor. This scale has a major variant with the C (aka phrygian mode). Many jazz greats like Bill Evans and Tholonious Monk used this scale. The mood is serious and emotional which fits Future's Wizrd theme.

Original song

DJ Ave McRee

Future X TM88 Call The Coroner | Trap Scale | Music Theory

A music theory video about the trap scale TM88 used on Future's "Call The Coroner" song. The first 6 bars are a F# Dorian mode (F#, G#, A, B, C#, D#, and E). The last 2 bars are a B minor scale (B, C#, D, E, F#, G, A). The F# is the tonic(dominant note) which is great for circular (repetition) play. The mood of this scale is scary, dark, jazzy, and bluesy. It's great for horror film scores or for very dark songs. Many heavy and death metal bands use this scale. Let me know how you feel about this tutorial below.

Hear the original song here

DJ Ave McRee

How to Build an Action Cue [Studio Time: S3E7]

Let's uncover the building blocks of high intensity moments and applying them to what's happening on screen.
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Junkie XL

Metro Boomin |10 Freaky Girls | Trap Scale | Under 4 Mins

A video about the Metro Boomin "10 Freaky Girls" trap scale in under 4 minutes. This was one of the most requested music theory videos. It's a dark trap song that features 21 Savage. It has a Kashif and Whitney Houston sample from "Are You The Woman". Metro Boomin produced this record by himself. It appears on the "Not All Heros Wear Capes" LP. This dark trap scale is very simple and effective. I use the Akai Fire to show off this scales potential.

here the original song here

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DJ Ave McRee

Metro Boomin[Music Theory PT.1]10AM | Trap Scale | Under 5 mins

A music theory video about the Metro Boomin trap scale in 10AM/Save The World under 5 minutes (from the "All Hero's Don't Wear Capes" album). The track featured Gucci Mane and was co' produced by Dre Moon and Prince 85. The G# minor is an emotional trap scale great for sentimental/dramatic intros. All Hero's Don't Wear Capes is a well thought out album worth listening to 2 or 3 times!

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Mixing 808's With Free iZotope Neutron 2 Elements + Cataract Plugin Boutique Deal

A video about mixing 808's with iZotope Neutron Elements audio plugin. Neutron Elements is a free channel strip if you purchase a plugin from Plugin Boutique (Limited Time). Cataract is a $5 poly-rhythmic sampler sequencer that has 180 presets and 400 samples. I demonstrate how to mix 808's with Neutron and scroll thru some of Cataract's presets. If you don't like Cataract fill free to check out other stuff. Plugin Boutique has great deals right now!

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