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No More Boring Sounding Beats: Music Theory for Beat Making

Learn some new piano chords for beats to improve the complexity of your sound. Watch Stacktrace break down music theory for beat making beats and use his tips to make your beats sound realer and more soulful. Join the producer mentorship program at www.musicentrepreneurclub.com

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Sell More Beats By Structuring Them Better: How To Structure Beats For Rappers

Beats with clear structuring sell better, but are you unsure of how to structure your beats for rappers? Here is my session on how to arrange your beats for better song structure, presented live during a www.musicentrepreneurclub.com session.

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Fake Sounding Beats - How to Make VST Instruments Sound Real

Wonder how to make vst instruments sound real? Want to make organic sounding beats without samples or live instruments? Use these tips and techniques to make your beats sound realer.

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The Things You Should Never do in FL Studio

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How To Make Dark Trap Melodies In Fl Studio Tutorial

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Take and apply this same knowledge to your workflow and improve your ability to make beats.

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How To Pierre Bourne Long Ride in 3 Minutes

A video about how Pierre Bourne made "Long Ride" for Young Nudy in 3 minutes. It's a real simple but effective process. He used a 1 bar loop for the tracks in FL Studio. I made a preset bank based off the sounds from the Slimerre mixtape for Tone2 ElectraX and a drum kit. How do you feel about this video? Leave a comment below.

get the preset bank and drum kit here

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See and hear the sounds here

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Lil Nas X Old Town Road Melody Music Theory

A video about the music theory behind Lil Nas X "Old Town Road". It was produced by Young Kio (who sampled Nine Inch Nails "34 Ghost IV written by Trent Rezor & Atticus Ross). It starts off with a C Dimished chord but the Keys C, D, Eb, F, Gb, Ab, A, B don't fit "perfectly". However the very natural of diminish chords allow flats (not sharps) to fit harmonically. The very nature of flats are "decending" notes rather than your normal sharps. This is normal for blues and blue grass country music (Thus the reason why it triggered Lil Nas X to have a country vibe when writing the song.).

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How To Take Instagram Photos By Yourself | Advanced Selfie Hacks

Let me show you how I take photos of myself for Instagram so you can start using this technique too. Posting new content frequently is a must when you want to grow your Instagram following fast. Creating professional looking photos to Instagram doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive. In this video I break down an advanced, yet easy to utilize strategy that you can use to create 10 days worth of high quality Instagram content in about 10 minutes.

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How To Upload Longer Videos To Instagram | More Than 60 Seconds

I was asked how to post videos on Instagram longer than 60 seconds so I decided to make a quick video to answer that as well as share a few more advanced video marketing techniques. I personally use these Instagram strategies to grow organic engagement and get more followers on Instagram. These strategies will help you grow your Instagram account as well.

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