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Have a few things in the works : )

I wish I could post the music I'm shopping, but in the meantime here goes a couple you haven't heard.

Updates on the way. You'll have a few things to look out for.

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Ryan M. Tedder

Ryan Tedder Makes Take It Slow For Lwam

"Take it Slow" Produced by me (Ryan M Tedder) AKA RT..AKA mr. almost established..aka one placement away from having an actual income..aka the flyest and cutest big guy u'll ever meet...aka i dont even know lol..ok im done..

Written and Sung by someone whos very near and dear to my heart..

the beautiful..the talented..the just out of this world "OH-MY-GOODNESS" that girl is badd...

LWAM ladies and gentlemen!! "Round of applause please" lol

shes gonna kill me when she reads this lmao..

we're gonna drop the song soon...give us a week or two..

peace n love..

Ryan M. Tedder

Ryan Tedder and Mike Lee Produce "Caught Up"

"Caught Up" Produced by myself and Mike Lee.

Written by Katrina Bello and Myself.

Ryan M. Tedder

Old School Vibe


for some reason this video got cut short..i apologize guys..

stay tuned..

check out the myspace page..


Ryan M. Tedder


Charlie Wilson working with Underdogs


SAS Studio Pt 1

Working on Life On Mars Tape - Krondon & Mars Co Wrote The Song " Soon As " That Features Marsha Ambrosious Check For It!!

1500 or Nothin