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Making the Cover: Hans Zimmer "Time" by MdL

See how I recreated Hans Zimmer's "Time" theme from the film "Inception."
Hear complete song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3ZtSYlnCnM

More cover productions by MdL: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4D63A704D1F6BC5F

Learn more about me: http://www.mdltakesover.com


Stuart B Beat-making: Bounce!

What's up guys?!

Sorry I haven't uploaded a video in so long, I've been super busy with a bunch of stuff! However, I AM planning on uploading videos regularly again from now on, and I've got a lot of exciting things coming so up make sure you stay tuned!

This ones heavily inspired by one of my all-time favorite producers - Ryan Leslie. You can hear the influence he had on this track, and I really like it so I hope you guys enjoy too!


Stuart B.

Stuart B making a hip hop club banger!

Stuart B Productions, producing another beat. Beat making. This one's kinda rnb/hip hop depending on how the artist uses it. Remember i'm still taking questions for the upcoming FAQ video so keep sending them through!

Also, featuring unbiased testimonial on my awesomeness at the end.


Stuart B.

Episode Two 808 Mafia TV

Southside Sizzle in the studio.

Southside Sizzle
808 Mafia

The Studio Exposed: Working on MPC2500 and MPC5000

Watch how I take a sample and turn it into an R&B track

Follow me on twitter: @BRYAN_M_COX

Bryan Michael Cox

Ryan Leslie - "5 Minute Freshen Up" In-Studio

Creating the record and inviting one of my twitter followers into the studio with me.

Follow @RyanLeslie because I'm always surprising followers. I've invited you to dinner, given away backstage passes, and even treated you to brand new iPods - all to say that I appreciate you for following, supporting, liking, commenting and sharing.

Shout out my crew in Miami @GetmJaf, @fernyvallecillo , Dimi, @spacekid, @RomainNYC, and the homie @xeorxe for staying up all night with me to make this happen.

Ryan Leslie

Making the Beat - Wiz Khalifa's "Still Blazin" (Sermstyle)

UK producer Sermstyle (@sermstyle sits down with DJ Threat (@BenBrightLights) and shows him how he made "Still Blazin" for Wiz and takes us on a tour of his studio.


"Streets Wanna Know" Sizzle 808 Mafia Interview

Brick Squad Monopoly Producer SouthSide Aka Sizzle Tracks out beats for Ferrari Boys Album, talks about 808 Mafia and Breaks down his story on his Grind to the top.... Live in PatchWerk Studio with blind Folks Vision

Southside Sizzle