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In The Lab w/ C4 Part 2/3

The first installment of this new producer series is with Montreal-born, now Toronto resident, C4, whose work many of you probably have heard before, but just haven?t realized it. Not only has he worked with artists like JD Era, Rich Kidd, and Donny Goines, just to name a few, but he has also made his mark on the advertising world by producing ads for corporations like Taco Bell, Hasbro, and most recently, Volkswagen.

I got the chance to kick it C4 in his studio, along with my mans Quackass and Adam Bomb (of Empire), and we chopped it up about a multitude of topics, ranging from why he chose to come to Toronto to pursue his music career, to his wish list of artists he?d like to work with, producers/albums that have influenced his sound, the role DJ A-Trak played in mentoring him, his upcoming compilation project that he?s working on, as well as guests that will appear on it, and much more. Ofcourse, we also get to see his studio set-up and get to hear some exclusive beats (see above), including several (check out the ?Rocky? and ?Hockey Night In Canada? flips) that won him first prize at a recent Montreal beat battle.