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Chance The Rapper Mix Engineer, Elton "L10MIXEDIT" Chueng - Pensado's Place #428

Elton "L10mixedit" Chueng is a mix engineer based in Chicago, IL.
Starting as an intern at Classick Studios in 2011, Elton worked his way
to becoming one of the most in demand engineers in Chicago. In the
short amount of time that he's been engineering, Elton has helped
many of his peers launch successful careers in music such as Chance
The Rapper, Noname, Smino and many more.
In Februrary 2017, Elton was awarded for his contribution on Chance The Rapper's
critically acclaimed mixtape "Coloring Book" for Best Rap Album at the
59th Annual Grammy Awards. His mission statement is to help bring
opportunity to Chicago, and create more resources for upcoming
artists and producers to flourish. Please welcome to The Place, Elton "L10mixedit" Chueng.



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