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THE MAKING OF NETFLIX AND DEAL | 03 Greedo + Kenny Beats

A Documentary on the making of 03 Greedo and Kenny Beats’ “Netflix & Deal”. Following the project’s conception in February 2018 to it’s completion in August 2019, we are able to take a glance at Greedo and Kenny’s recording process as well as the space they both were in at that point in their lives and careers. A testament to Greedo’s artistry and legend, he wanted to make the best and most music he could before turning himself in on June 28, 2018. This is a story that means the world to us.

Directed by Dom Glover
Creative Directed + Edited by Aris Chatman
Produced by Mike Power
VHS Camera: Dom Glover
Digital Camera: Aris Chatman
Special thanks to Ryan Miles

Kenny Beats