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Mixing Trap Beats - Bass Management - Audio School Online

Ken Lewis takes you thru an entire mix, start to finish of a Trap Beat. This is the intro to the Lesson available at Audio School Online, including a 5 minute excerpt of the actual Lesson after the intro here.
This Lesson has an emphasis on bass management, and also shows techniques like parallel drum compression, tuning 808's to the key of the song, filtering basslines, gating drums, making 808's sustain and rumble, making synths jump out, using stereo widening, and more. This LEsson also uses a ton of EQ, and shows techniques like how to fit frequencies together that fight each other. This lesson is 1 hour and 25 minutes long and covers a ton of ground. I also include the entire Pro Tools session with the download, including the consolidated Audio Stems for use with any DAW. Watch the lesson and practice your own Trap Mixing skills on the beat provided.

Ken Lewis