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Zaytoven on Gucci Mane Recording his Raps on Voicemail While in Prison

Zaytoven stopped by VladTV to talk with us about Gucci's release, his weight loss, how Gucci recorded songs while behind bars, and much much more. Zaytoven explained he knew that Gucci was going to be released almost two or three weeks before. Vlad went into Gucci Mane's dramatic weight loss, and Zaytoven explained, "He's been locked up for three years, Gucci is always thinking forward so he was probably thinking how can I shock the people.. make the attention on me... He came out all the way in shape." Zaytoven also talked about how Gucci Mane wrote 1000 songs, "He'll call me and rap me a song.. he'd be like 'Zay hang up I finna call right back and leave you a voicemail with me rapping on it...'". He and Gucci perfected the pre-cording process while he was in prison.

None of Gucci's jailhouse songs made it on his new album "Everybody's Looking" due to the rapper jumping in the studio the very next day he got out of jail. Zaytoven said the first session back together again was down to the music. The producer talked about their creative process. "When it's me and Gucci I sit and do the beat, it might take me 5-10 minutes to come up with something real fast cause this is how Gucci likes to work. If I take too long Gucci might lose his vibe and then he don't even wanna do the song no more; I think that's how we got so much work done and music done..."

So what's the difference between sober Gucci and intoxicated Gucci? According to Zaytoven, it's fairly different. "I've been working with Gucci from the beginning; he wasn't really intoxicated in the beginning, the way we working now is how we worked when we first started. The only difference is when Gucci's intoxicated you gonna get more records that probably doesn't make any sense but they still feel good, there's gonna be something special about it." Gucci Mane's hit single "Pills" was recorded when he was intoxicated. Sober Gucci, however, was able to record, "Everybody's Looking" in just four days.

Check out the interview above.